IIT Hyderabad

Following are some of the projects done at Indian Institute of Technology, Hyderabad as part of various courses.

Most of them were done in a team. Click on the GitHub links for the other team members.

Plug-and-play load balancer

A distributed load balancer built in Go as a part of Networking course project.

The focus was to explore some aspect of networks. It uses some nuances of WiFi network to automatically connect the workers to the main node for load balancing.

GitHub, Project Report

Compiler for COOL

This included writing parser, semantic analyser and code generation for a language called COOL, by using ANTLR.

In the code generation phase, we had to generate a working LLVM IR for the COOL language using the parser written before.

GitHub, Report (for codegen)

LLVM IR Obfuscation

Implemented several code obfuscation techniques as LLVM passes to obfuscate LLVM IR. As this was part of a research work, the code is not publicaly available to show.

Multiplayer chess with live chat in Haskell

This game was built with an aim to explore functional programming, which was Haskell in this case. The game can be played over a network (multiplayer) with GUI and chat.


Search portal powered by Elastic

Created a search portal powered by Elastic for senate meeting minutes which takes .pdf/.docx documents and automatically segments the sections from the documents. Each document had access control with different user groups for students and faculties. The backend was in Django.

libwebler - C++ library

A multithreaded web crawler library for C++. The goal of this project was to explore concurrency and intricacies involved in developing concurrent softwares. Golang style channel was also implemented as a part of this.

GitHub - libwebler, GitHub - Go channel in C++

ηvision 2017 website

ηvision used to be our annual technical fest back then. I was one of the web coordinatory for the fest. For the final website, I implemented the frontend and the highlight was the landing page. Have a peek at the landing page here https://nvision2017.netlify.app/ (best viewed at 1080p). I implemented the parallex effect while the graphics were made by the creatives team.

Find all the projects related to the fest here: https://github.com/nvision-2017

Multiplayer battleship game

A Multiplayer Battleship built in NodeJS as a part of ηvision 2017.


Polyhedral optimization on DSL

I worked on integrating LLVM-Polly (and external project) with a DSL (Domanin Specific Language) compiler and enable polyhedral optimisation in the compiler.

Bigram analysis and web crawling

Did web crawling for articles from Times Of India and conducted bigram analysis on them.


MIPS Simulator

A reduced, static, web based interpreter for the MIPS assembly.

Watch it live here: https://ganeshvernekar.com/projects/mips-simulator/



My first project at IITH. A website from where students can download/read books, get recommended books for courses, and other features. I did the frontend in this.