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List of talk that I have given and will be giving in future.

Links to the videos will be added as and when they become available.

Upcoming talks


Sl NoTitlePlaceDate



Sl NoTitlePlaceDateResources
3Using OpenTelemetry’s Exponential Histograms in PrometheusObservability Day, KubeCon, Amsterdam2023-04-18Slides
2Lifecycle of a Sample in the Prometheus TSDBFOSSASIA Summit, Singapore2023-04-15Slides
1Autoscaling Grafana Mimir with Prometheus, Kubernetes HPA, and KEDAGrafana + CNCF Singapore meetup, Singapore2023-04-11Slides


Sl NoTitlePlaceDateResources
5Lifecycle of a Sample in the Prometheus TSDBSREcon APAC 2022, Sydney, Australia2022-12-07Slides / Video
4Out Of Order Support in PrometheusPromCon 2022, Munich, Germany2022-11-08Slides / Video
3Native Histograms in PrometheusPromCon 2022, Munich, Germany2022-11-08Slides / Video
2Prometheus - Intro, Deep Dive, And Open Q+AKubeCon NA 2022, Detroit, USA2022-10-27Slides / Video
1Prometheus Sparse High-Resolution Histograms in ActionKubeCon EU 2022, Valencia, Spain2022-05-19Slides / Video


Sl NoTitlePlaceDateResources
2Sparse High-resolution Histograms in the Prometheus TSDBPromCon NA 2021 (Virtual)2021-10-11Slides / Video
1Intro to Prometheus & Other Monitoring ToolsMajor League Hacking (MLH) (Virtual)2021-07-16


Sl NoTitlePlaceDateResources
3Make Prometheus Use Less Memory and Restart FasterKubeCon EU 2020 (Virtual)2020-08-20Slides / Video
2TSDB: Year In ReviewPromCon NA 2020 (Virtual)2020-07-16/17Slides / Video
1Intro to CortexCNCF Hyderabad January meetup2020-01-11


Sl NoTitlePlaceDateResources
4Intro: PrometheusKubeCon NA 2019, San Diego, USA2019-11-20Slides / Video
3TSDB: 1 year inPromCon 2019, Munich, Germany2019-11-08Slides / Video
2Grafana Loki: like Prometheus, but for logsOSMC 2019, Nuremberg, Germany2019-10-05Slides / Video
1TSDB: 1 year inPrometheus meetup, Stockholm, Sweden2019-08-28Slides


Sl NoTitlePlaceDate
1GSoC update (lightning talk)PromCon 2018, Munich, Germany2019-08-10