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List of talk that I have given and will be giving in future.

Links to the videos will be added as and when they become available.

Upcoming talks


Sl NoTitlePlaceDate



Sl NoTitlePlaceDateResources
5Lifecycle of a Sample in the Prometheus TSDBSREcon APAC 2022, Sydney, Australia2022-12-07Slides
4Out Of Order Support in PrometheusPromCon 2022, Munich, Germany2022-11-08Slides / Video
3Native Histograms in PrometheusPromCon 2022, Munich, Germany2022-11-08Slides / Video
2Prometheus - Intro, Deep Dive, And Open Q+AKubeCon NA 2022, Detroit, USA2022-10-27Slides / Video
1Prometheus Sparse High-Resolution Histograms in ActionKubeCon EU 2022, Valencia, Spain2022-05-19Slides / Video


Sl NoTitlePlaceDateResources
2Sparse High-resolution Histograms in the Prometheus TSDBPromCon NA 2021 (Virtual)2021-10-11Slides / Video
1Intro to Prometheus & Other Monitoring ToolsMajor League Hacking (MLH) (Virtual)2021-07-16


Sl NoTitlePlaceDateResources
3Make Prometheus Use Less Memory and Restart FasterKubeCon EU 2020 (Virtual)2020-08-20Slides / Video
2TSDB: Year In ReviewPromCon NA 2020 (Virtual)2020-07-16/17Slides / Video
1Intro to CortexCNCF Hyderabad January meetup2020-01-11


Sl NoTitlePlaceDateResources
4Intro: PrometheusKubeCon NA 2019, San Diego, USA2019-11-20Slides / Video
3TSDB: 1 year inPromCon 2019, Munich, Germany2019-11-08Slides / Video
2Grafana Loki: like Prometheus, but for logsOSMC 2019, Nuremberg, Germany2019-10-05Slides / Video
1TSDB: 1 year inPrometheus meetup, Stockholm, Sweden2019-08-28Slides


Sl NoTitlePlaceDate
1GSoC update (lightning talk)PromCon 2018, Munich, Germany2019-08-10