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About Me

Who Am I?

Hi I'm Ganesh Vernekar! Currently I am in the final year of my Undergraduate program at IIT Hyderabad, majoring in Computer Science and Engineering. I do development and research. I love coding, and recently I have invested myself into some open source contributions, and am focused on Prometheus project.

Apart from my passion towards Computer Science, I am very passionate about photography. I have been experimenting with photography for some time. Most of my clicks that you will find are from 2013-2014, more would be coming soon!

I have been involved in some interesting projects since my freshmen year, and have done quite a few of internships. Now let me take you through a journey of my working experience and projects that I have worked on.

My Specialty

My Interests

I am mainly interested in Distributed Systems and Parallel Computing. I am also interested in Compilers, Databases, and related fields. I have work with these field quite extensively at IIT Hyderabad.
Through my other experiences, I have also been exposed to Cloud Computing, Monitoring, Time series databases, etc.

I started my journey with web development in my freshmen year, mostly interested in backend. Currently I am into system programming and have programmed stuff related to compilers, time series database, networks, monitoring.




Work Experience

Summer Internship - Purdue University, IN, USA May-July 2018

I worked on automatically finding the worst case test inputs to identify performance bottlenecks in real world software.
Advised by Prof. Saurabh Bagchi and co-advised by Assoc Prof. Milind Kulkarni.

Summer Intenship + Extended Project - IBM May-Dec 2016

This was my first internship, which I took up just after finishing my freshmen year.
I built a web application using NodeJS for backend and MongoDB for database. Given the complexity, this project was extended for some more months after summer.

Web Coordinator - ηvision, IIT Hyderabad Apr 2016 - Jan 2017

ηvision is the technical fest of IIT Hyderabad (now 'Elan and ηvision', a tech and cultural fest). I was one of the two web co-ordinators for ηvision '17. Our role was to build and maintain the websites, online games, and the registration portal for the fest.


My Projects

Plug-and-Play Load Balancer

Plug-and-Play Load Balancer

A distributed load balancer built in Golang as a part of Networking course project


LLVM IR Obfuscation

LLVM IR Obfuscation

Implemented several code obfuscation techniques as LLVM passes to obfuscate LLVM IR.


Multiplayer Chess in Haskell

Multiplayer Chess in Haskell

This game was built with an aim to explore functional programming. The game can be played over a network (multiplayer) with GUI and chat.


libwebler - C++ library

webler - C++ library

A multithreaded web crawler library for C++. The goal of this project was to explore concurrency and intricacies involved in developing concurrent softwares. Golang style channel was also implemented as a part of this.

Project Go-Channel

Polyhedral Optimisation on DSL

Polyhedral optimisation on DSL

I worked on integrating LLVM-Polly (and external project) with DSL compiler and enable polyhedral optimisation in the compiler.


Bigram Analysis

Bigram Analysis and Web Crawling

Did web crawling for articles from Times Of India and conducted bigram analysis on them.


Multiplayer Battleship Game

Multiplayer Battleship Game

A Multiplayer Battleship built in NodeJS as a part of ηvision 2017.


MIPS Simulator

MIPS simulator

A reduced interpreter for MIPS assembly.

Project Live



My first project at IITH. A website from where students can download/read books, get recommended books for courses, and other features.



Recent Blog

January 28, 2019 | Tech

Subquery Support

Introduction to subqueries which was introduced in Prometheus 2.7. (Official prometheus.io blog post)

August 22, 2018 | Tech

Google Summer of Code 2018 with Prometheus

Summary of my GSoC and what to expect from it.

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